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SednaEarfit XELASTEC for AirPods Pro

XELASTEC for AirPods Pro eartips is developed and produced by AZLA.

Produced by high quality silicon for medical and special purposes made in Korea.
It provides clear and correct sound it fits extremely comfortable to every user.

| Premium eartips made for Airpods Pro |

| All materials approved by US FDA |

| All materials approved by EU10/2011 |


High-quality materials from

German Kraiburg TPE

Self-transforms according to the shape of the ear canal

Comfortable and fatigue-free

Flawless sound reproduction

Maximum seal and sound quality

A firm fit continues even during intense activities

Urethane-coated adapters

Better active noise cancellation


Technical textile adapters

Preserves sonic linearity

A unique circular design

Materials are safe for the body

All materials approved by US FDA


made in Korea

Let us tell you a small, simple fact

that your sound could enter

a new level just by

changing your eartips

In order to forge the perfect sound,

we tested more than 18,000 different eartips

which led ourselves to ask the most basic question

“If each of everybody has different fingerprints,

and so does the shape and size of their ears,

how could we say there only exists a single shape that holds the answer?“

After countless considerations

and repeated researches

brought us to a conclusion.

To create a self-transforming eartip that

could fit every different shape of ear

To provide the comfortable, smooth isolation without pressuring your ear canals

to fit perfectly as a custom made suit

and to reflect the fullest sound possible

We now present to you

the very shape and

fit meant for you

SednaEarfit XELASTEC for AirPods Pro

Eye Opening

Extreme liveliness never yet experienced

Either the overawe or fascination

Automatically and comfortably fits

according to the shape of your ear canals

Top-notch TPE is the key

Highest grade TPE material calmly modifies

its shape in reaction to the warmth of your ears

It is only XELASTEC that leads to

Truly rich sound presentation

and outstanding comfort

Comfortable all the way

The elastic, flexible texture immediately relieves possible pressure or pain

Keep the sound going with quality

No leakage. A complete snug that improves the noise canceling performance from your Airpods Pro

Easy to install

No hassle. Installing XELASTEC to your Airpods Pro couldn’t be simpler.

One more thing!

During your workouts or during your busy way to work

Your AirPods Pro will stay in your ears. Firmly

Xelastec grasps the earpieces intact to your ears and allows you to solely focus on your activities

We have our own ways of overcoming the limits.

Our revolutionary way for maximizing the sound performance

of your Airpods Pro

Detachable dual structure

for better sound quality and damage prevention. Done in OUR way.

POINT 1 #Urethane-coated Acoustic Mounting adapter

POINT 2 #Applied with latest TPE materials


Presented by the best material and our revolutionary design

that unleashes

true comfort and sound

Our prior masterpiece, SednaEarfit

Unleashes maximum clarity and dynamics

XELASTEC is our next evolution that we proudly present that

will surprise you once again.


Enjoying the ANC from your AirPods Pro?

Let us now make it EVEN better.

Urethane-coated adapters

Unlike others that use plastic adapters, we applied ours with urethane

to preserve every bit of bass details and isolation

#Prevents bass loss

#Minimize sound leakage

#Reinforce isolation

#Maximize ANC performance

AirPods Pro eartips from



XELASTEC for AirPods Pro

Airpod stock eartips VS XELASTEC eartips

Comparison of ANC performance

Data provided by AZLA Acoustic Lab

Black – outer noise


Red – Apple stock eartips

ANC (Active Noise Cancelling)

Also known as Active Noise Control, ANC is a technology that cancels out the unwanted outer noise,

in order to gain quietness and better focus to your monitoring or listening session

Holding hands with the best of the best


AZLA made close cooperation with KRAIBURG TPE,

the pioneer of TPE development that produces the highest grade thermoplastic elastomer materials.


KRAIBURG TPE is a world class company that

utilizes precise technologies from Germany to produce

the highest quality thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)

and manufacturers a variety of products

as well as customized solutions for the clients.


Equipped with powerful production lines in Germany, USA, and Malaysia, KRAIBURG manufacturers a wide range of products from

automobile and industrial

consumer goods to medical-grade products that require complex regulations.

Eartips are meant to make contact with

the sensitive skin in your ears

We pay serious attention to health just as much as we do to sound quality.

Rest assured. All materials used for XELASTEC are approved by US FDA and EU10/2011 regulations

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