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SednaEarfit Crystal for TWS / Galaxy Buds 2

SednaEarfit Crystal for TWS / Galaxy Buds 2
SednaEarfit Crystal for TWS / Galaxy Buds 2
SednaEarfit Crystal for TWS / Galaxy Buds 2
SednaEarfit Crystal for TWS / Galaxy Buds 2
SednaEarfit Crystal for TWS / Galaxy Buds 2
Load image into Gallery viewer, SednaEarfit Crystal for TWS / Galaxy Buds 2
Load image into Gallery viewer, SednaEarfit Crystal for TWS / Galaxy Buds 2
Load image into Gallery viewer, SednaEarfit Crystal for TWS / Galaxy Buds 2
Load image into Gallery viewer, SednaEarfit Crystal for TWS / Galaxy Buds 2
Load image into Gallery viewer, SednaEarfit Crystal for TWS / Galaxy Buds 2

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Galaxy Device Series Compatibility
Compatible: Galaxy Buds, Bus+

Incompatible: Galaxy Buds Pro

Now meet the apex of in-ear listening

The utmost spacious sounding eartips

SednaEarfit Crystal for TWS

  • Splendid sound signature / Ultra-tight seal that enhances the sound quality

  • Best of the best materials from German LSR

  • Widely compatible with a variety of TWS earphones

  • Incredibly secure fit that could handle the intensive workouts

  • Designed based on 788 different ear canal models / guaranteed comfort even for the entire day

  • A broad range of size availability


SednaEarfit Crystal for TWS is the perfect accessory that could accompany your beloved earphones.

Crystal is the one that could truly bring your listening experience and audio to the next level. 

Did you know

that simply switching your eartips could bring a complete
overhaul to the sound quality of your earphones?

The umbrella and the core portion are each constructed to have different solidity that enforces the adhesiveness while preserving great comfort. Plus, unlike the others, we utilized two molds per size, resulting in 14 molds in total. This allowed us to gain the highest precision in our productions.

Light as air  /  Installs like glue / Tight and firm / Cutting-edge precision

Holographic sounding eartips that respects the original sound.
Perfectly constructed eartips that were born after numerous studies.


You now deserve to choose what you want to hear.


Immerse yourself
Wherever you are

With the Clearest sound

ANC performance fully reinforced
industry-leading clarity and sonic purity

Integration met to its perfection by German Premium LSR materials and AZLA technologies

SednaEarfit Crystal for TWS

A one-of-a-kind structure designed based on 788 different ear canal models, which are combined with the newly presented Premium Liquid Silicone, leading to the clearest sound that lets you dive deeply into your music.


FEEL IT! Feel your sound and fit brought up to a whole new level.

Every movement of the music
will ring your heart through its
Three-Dimensional sound.

Enjoy studio-grade sound quality anywhere, anytime!

SednaEarfit Crystal’s stable and secure fit
Allows your earphones to properly form a 3D spatial sound as well as Dolby ATMOS to always keep up with the best performance.
On top of that, the sound better delivers the natural reverbs from the sound, Allowing further surround effects to kick into the music.


SednaEarfit Crystal doesn’t stop at simply letting you listen.

SednaEarfit Crystal desires a sound that feels as realistic as possible to the ears.


What are you waiting for?

Join the new era of eartips
and your daily listening!

We redefined the in-ear comfort by constructing them to fit perfectly into your ears.

Extremely comfortable fit

That could last all day without causing a fatigue


The sweat-resistant material avoids the eartips from slipping off from the ear canal as well as perfectly preventing any itchiness or allergy. Not to forget mentioning that it provides strong fixation while having a soft texture, allowing a perfect hands-free environment.

Crystal TWS was born after collecting 788 different ear canal models to find the proper form factor that achieves both great fit and comfort. The premium renewal Liquid Silicone (LSR) then perfects its extreme fixation.




Our ears are sensitive. Hence the eartip materials matter big time.

Adopted with the light and comfortable material,
German Premium LSR

We cannot stress enough how much we care about sound quality, yet comfort is the one that truly matters the most.

Crystal TWS adopts the German Premium LSR, a high-quality, hypo-allergenic material that perfectly prevents itchiness and allergies.

* LSR(Liquid Silicone Rubber): Liquid Silicone Rubber is an elastomer, a two-component platinum-cured silicone with high purity, that includes materialistic properties such as thermo-oxidative resistance, low surface tension, low-temperature flexibility, and fine dielectric properties. The German Premium LSR we have chosen is known for having an exceptionally fast hardening cycle as well as advanced performance characteristics, resulting in high-tech industries making great use of them for manufacturing major tech components.

Hypoallergenic: Next-generation material, "LSR; Liquid Silicon Rubber" from Germany is Biocompatible with human tissue and body fluids, is a hypoallergenic material.

Clean: LSR is resistant to bacteria growth and will not stain or corrode other materials.

Durable: LSR is chemical resistant to water, oxidation and some chemical solutions such as acids and alkali with excellent flexibility and durability

Liquid Silicone Rubber gives you slip-free, comfortable, perfect seal eartips for your Earphones.

Very small size added (SSS) - Various option of size by analyzing the shape of more than 1,500 ears over two years. (L-Large / ML-Medium Large / M-Medium / MS-Medium Small / S-Small / SS-Small Small / SSS-Small Small Small)


Durable / Heavy metal-free / Great restorability / High elasticity / Extremely comfortable


The apex of all eartips. brought to you by innovative designing and top-class materials.

Holographic sound
Crystal clear, airy, and splendid.

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